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Friday, July 5

Business Driven Technology


First of all.. This post is written for my new subject for this semester. It is officially written to Madam Intan Liana. 

For the chapter one its called Business Driven Technology which the learning outcome from this chapter that can we gain are : 

- How to compare between management information system and information technology.

- Describe the relationships between people, information technology and the information.

- Identify the different department in typical business

- Compare the different types of organization culture

For the new modern era, information technology is everywhere in the business. There many way to access the information that we needed. Information technology (IT) is mean by the field with the use of technology in managing and processing the idea and information.

While management information system (MIS) is general function in business and academic discipline which covered the application people and technology.

Here is the meaning of data, information and business intelligence. Data mean by raw fact that describe the characteristic of event. Information is data that converted to the easier way to understand and it meaningful. While business intelligence is application and technology us to support decision making. Another important item in this chapter is meaning of information functional culture. Its is mean by the employees that use the information as mean to exercising the influence.

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